lab_group_190414editResearch Group – Coastal-Urban Resilience Engineering and Science

Ziyu Chen – PhD Student, post-qualifier exam stage

Kazi Mita – PhD student, post-qualifier exam stage

Shima Kasaei – PhD student, post-qualifier exam stage

Prospective Students – Provost’s Fellowship Available

Contact me if you are interested in meeting to learn more about student opportunities in my research group.  I am always happy to help with guidance on term papers or other student projects — check the “Projects” links or the “News” links on my home page for areas I’m spending the most time working on. We have a 3-year Provost’s PhD fellowship available.

Coastal/Ocean Engineering Collaborators at Stevens

Reza Marsooli, Assistant Professor

Jon Miller, Associate Research Professor

Marouane Temimi, Associate Professor

Laura Kerr, Research Engineer

Former Research Group Members

Luis Fernando Pareja-Roman – former post-doctoral fellow, now the same at Rutgers

Fanglin Zhang – PhD graduate (December 2021), now a coastal engineer at WSP

Lun “Larry” Yin – PhD graduate (May 2019), now a senior data engineer at Experian in San Jose, CA

Praneeth Gurumurthy – M.E. recipient (May 2018), now a data scientist for clean energy at RESurety

Roham Bakhtyar, Coastal/Hydraulic Scientist- United States Army Corps of Engineers

Sergey Vinogradov, Storm surge modeling, risk analysis project manager at Binera

Funding Opportunities

Each year, we bring in several new grants, and we typically only take on PhD students when we can match them up with research and teaching assistantships.

However, occasionally an opportunity comes along where you can seek a fellowship that matches our expertise and present funding.