lab_group_190414editResearch Group – Coastal-Urban Resilience Engineering and Science

Fanglin Zhang – PhD Student, post-Qualifier

Ziyu Chen – PhD Student

Yifan Wang – PhD student

Haichen Liu – PhD student

Kazi Mita – PhD student

Broader Research Laboratory group (biweekly lab meetings)

Reza Marsooli, Assistant Professor

Jon Miller, Associate Research Professor

Laura Kerr, Research Engineer

Former Research Group Members

Lun “Larry” Yin – PhD graduate (May 2019), now a senior data engineer at Aetna in New York City

Praneeth Gurumurthy – M.E. recipient (May 2018), now at Woods Hole/MIT Joint PhD Program

Roham Bakhtyar, Senior Coastal Scientist at NOAA/Lynker Tech

Sergey Vinogradov, Lead of storm surge modeling/forecasting team at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Prospective Students

Contact me or Reza Marsooli if you are interested in meeting to learn more about student opportunities in our research group.  I am always happy to help with guidance on term papers or other student projects — check the “Projects” links or the “News” links on my home page for areas I’m spending the most time working on.

Funding Opportunities

Each year, we bring in several new grants, and we typically only take on PhD students when we can match them up with research and teaching assistantships.

However, occasionally an opportunity comes along where you can seek a fellowship that matches our expertise and present funding.  One such opportunity is with research on physical estuary and tidal marsh effects of storm surge barriers.  A prospective or present student can seek out The Margaret A. Davidson Graduate Fellowship from the National Estuarine Research Reserve — The goals of the Fellowship are to build the next generation of leaders in estuarine science and coastal management by affording qualified graduate students the opportunity to conduct collaborative science within the NERRS System; partake in professional development opportunities; and receive mentoring to support professional growth. The National Estuarine Research Reserve System is a program of the Office for Coastal Management which has an interest in balancing the needs of the natural environment and coastal economies and is responsible for implementing the Coastal Zone Management Act.

The fellowship is available to graduate students admitted to or enrolled full-time in a M.S. or Ph.D. program. One fellow will be selected at each of the 29 reserves for a two-year duration. Mentoring and professional development will be provided to build knowledge and skills needed to successfully enter the workforce. These opportunities are also designed to create a strong network among the fellows during their tenure and into the early portion of their careers.

If interested, read more and let me know.  I would definitely help with the proposal/process.

Fellowship page:
Federal Funding Announcement:

Due date – December 20, 2019