Coastal physical oceanography (Georgas, Orton et al.) weekly lab meeting

Current Research Group

Fanglin Zhang – PhD Student, post-Qualifier

Praneeth Gurumurthy – PhD Student

Former Members

Roham Bakhtyar — Research Scientist

Reza Marsooli, Associate Research Scholar, Princeton University

Sergey Vinogradov, Ocean Modeler at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Broader Research Laboratory (weekly lab meetings)

Alan Blumberg, George Meade Bond Professor, Director of Davidson Laboratory; Nickitas Georgas, Research Assistant Professor; Firas Saleh, Research Scientist; Justin Schulte, Postdoctoral Scientist; Julie Pullen, Associate Professor

Prospective Students

Contact me  or Nickitas Georgas if you are interested in meeting to learn more about student opportunities in our research group.  I am always happy to help with guidance on term papers or other student projects — check the “Projects” links or the “News” links on my home page for areas I’m spending the most time working on.