lab_group_190414editResearch Group – Coastal-Urban Resilience Engineering and Science

Ziyu Chen – post-doctoral researcher

Kazi Mita – PhD student, post-qualifier exam stage (webpage)

Shima Kasaei – PhD student, post-qualifier exam stage

Tam Trinh – PhD student

Prospective Students – Fellowships Available!

Presidential fellowships are available that pay about $46k per year, plus other opportunities to be funded on research grants and a Provost’s Fellowship.  Contact me if you are interested in meeting to learn more about student opportunities in my research group.  I am always happy to help with guidance on term papers or other student projects — check the “Projects” links or the “News” links on the lab’s homepage for areas we’re spending the most time working on.

Coastal/Ocean Engineering Collaborators at Stevens

Reza Marsooli, Assistant Professor

Jon Miller, Associate Research Professor

Marouane Temimi, Associate Professor

Laura Kerr, Research Engineer

Former Research Group Members

Luis Fernando Pareja-Roman – former post-doctoral fellow, now the same at Rutgers

Fanglin Zhang – PhD graduate (December 2021), now a coastal engineer at WSP

Haichen Liu – M.E. graduate (May 2020)

Lun “Larry” Yin – PhD graduate (May 2019), now a senior data engineer at Experian in San Jose, CA

Praneeth Gurumurthy – M.E. recipient (May 2018), now a data scientist for clean energy at RESurety

Roham Bakhtyar, Coastal/Hydraulic Scientist- United States Army Corps of Engineers

Sergey Vinogradov, Storm surge modeling, risk analysis project manager at Binera